Symbiont’s New Client Manager, Doug Tholo, P.E. Aims to Expand Biogas Project Offerings


Symbiont’s New Client Manager, Doug Tholo, P.E. Aims to Expand Biogas Project Offerings

Quotation of Doug Tholo at Symbiont

Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Doug Tholo was welcomed into Symbiont’s Milwaukee office as our new Client Manager. Mr. Tholo has over 40 years of project experience, with a focus on landfill gas systems. With Mr. Tholo on the Symbiont team, his talents, expertise, and passion for client relationships will aide him in overseeing large-scale landfill gas projects.

“What I aim to bring to Symbiont is a smooth transition between engineering, construction, and the procurement of equipment – overall, a more effective way to integrate those teams,” said Tholo.

As a client manager, Mr. Tholo will be an active member of Symbiont’s business development team, from initial stages of planning, through design, construction, and project close-out.

“I don’t want to do just engineering or just construction – I will bring to the table a turnkey project delivery package that can serve as a full-value chain for our clients,” said Tholo.

A natural problem solver and strategic thinker, Mr. Tholo takes the challenges that arise on any complex project and uses them as a vehicle for project success – always reaffirming the fact that our clients are in good hands.

“I will bring passion for client projects – something more extended from a typical business relationship. When working with current clients, and in developing new ones, I will serve as their trusted advisor. I want our relationship to be strong enough that if the client needs something, they call me first, and if we don’t have the capability to provide that specific solution, I will help them find it. I want our clients to know that they can trust us, and always come to us first,” said Tholo.

Symbiont is excited to take on even more projects within the energy market having Mr. Tholo and his talent by our side. Without a doubt, his industry experience will be beneficial to the Symbiont team, but most importantly, to the clients we serve.