Process Engineer, Jim Postiglione, Joins Symbiont to Deliver Process Advantages to Clients


Process Engineer, Jim Postiglione, Joins Symbiont to Deliver Process Advantages to Clients

Monday, July 20, 2020 Jim Postiglione was welcomed aboard the Symbiont team as a process engineer. Mr. Postiglione is based in Minnesota, connecting to Symbiont’s Minnesota projects and clients easier and more efficiently than ever before.

Mr. Postiglione possesses over 36 years of experience with a primary focus on wastewater treatment and renewable energy utilization, covering applications such as anaerobic digestion, BioWin wastewater treatment simulation, nutrient recovery, digester and landfill gas treatment, and biogas conversion to power or renewable natural gas.

As a treatment process engineer, Mr. Postiglione will be an active member of Symbiont’s design-build mechanical group. With Mr. Postiglione on the Symbiont team, his talent, expertise, and innovation will continue to propel Symbiont’s wastewater and renewable energy projects to new levels.

“My broad experience in wastewater, solids, and gas treatment will be helpful in the areas of anaerobic digestion, as well as biogas treatment and utilization,” said Postiglione. “I am passionate about projects that reclaim useable products from waste, such as reclaimed power, heat, and nutrients.”

Finding unique solutions to meet treatment requirements and integrate various vendor systems isn’t just a challenge that Mr. Postiglione enjoys, but one he excels at. Mr. Postiglione applies this steadfast work ethic, one that is grounded in accountability, innovation, and goal setting, to all that he takes on.

“I will select the best-fit technology and equipment our clients’ needs, providing systems that efficiently and effectively meet their project goals,” said Postiglione.

The expertise of the Symbiont team serves as the backbone of our work, with trust as the foundation of our client relationships. With Mr. Postiglione supporting those ideals, we are excited to have him join the Symbiont team, where he can use his vast array of experience to not only support our firm, but to benefit our clients and enhance their project delivery.