Announcing Symbiont’s New Vice President of Construction – Brian Forston


Announcing Symbiont’s New Vice President of Construction – Brian Forston

2020 marks the start of a new chapter at in Symbiont's history. In January, we welcomed Brian Forston to our team as the new Vice President of Construction. Mr. Forston has over 34 years of experience in the construction industry. His fresh ideas and honed experience are a boon to Symbiont’s construction division.


“Our clients are relying on our expertise to solve their problems, get their projects done faster, and get them to market sooner,” Forston said.

One of the first things Mr. Forston will help put in place is a new project management method. This new approach will enable Symbiont to better manage critical path schedules. “Our process will use our strategic partners and internal resources to provide the client with time tested construction expertise along with utilizing new construction techniques such as prefabrication. This will allow for the model to deliver the project more efficiently than the older systems.”

Looking to the next five years, Symbiont anticipates a growing Design-Build trend, and we are taking steps to meet it. “Our vision is a single source, design-build construction process. This integrated delivery system will allow clients to contract with one entity from project conception to project closeout. Using this process, we will be able to develop projects faster than the old design-bid-build model.”

What does this mean for our clients? “By sourcing with one entity, we can assist them with their project management and their safety controls, and then their budget and cost control, while at the same time guaranteeing project performance,” Forston explained.

“This method will link the design and the engineering to the fabrication and the construction to allow for an emphasis on safety, quality, schedule, and cost control. We’ll be able to respond to our clients and the markets more quickly with a project team that’s involved from project conception to project start-up.”

At Symbiont, we use our experience and technical resources to deliver superior outcomes. With the help of Mr. Forston, we will grow our services, refine our techniques, and continue to show our clients why we are Trusted for Good Reason.