2013 | Engineering Excellence Award from ACEC Indiana


2013 | Engineering Excellence Award from ACEC Indiana

Long Term Control Plan Map

Symbiont, in collaboration with Donohue & Associates, received recognition and a Merit Award for the City of Auburn Water Pollution Control Facility Plant No. 1 and Long Term Control Plan Improvements projects.

This was an extremely challenging project where the City of Auburn selected Symbiont Science, Engineering and Construction, Inc. and Donohue & Associates, Inc. to perform the work required to design and provide construction related services for the new wet weather treatment facility and improvements to address the deficiencies in Plant No. 1. Unique challenges associated with the project related to maintaining continuous operation and permit compliance with significant underground construction and process system upgrades throughout the treatment plant site. Through separate Contracts with the City, each design firm performed approximately 50% of the work on this project but integrated their work products into coordinated bidding documents. The total project cost was $15.47 million.

The final outcome was a successful project that is energy efficient and constructed with minimal change orders with final construction costs well below the design engineers’ estimates.